Datuk Lee Chong Wei is always World no.1 for Malaysian

No matter where the wind blow, the fact that Datuk Lee Chong Wei is currently World rank no.2 has never a matter. For all Malaysian he is the real man, who put all his commitment and work very hard pursuing his dream.

We Malaysian salute him with sincere heart, he deserve our respect worldwide. I am proud to call him Datuk, because his “Datuk” title is a hard earned efforts with a lot of sacrifices. A lot of works to do, and a lot of critics to go during his journey. Despite holding the “Datuk” title, he remains humble and ego-less. Presenting him the title was one of the best decision made by Malaysian Government ever.

Without his contribution, Malaysia will never be known and acknowledged as World Class Badminton country. The world is now eying Malaysia and China as their biggest obstacle in Badminton sport. It always about Datuk Lee Chong Wei VS China ace Lin Dan, they are enemies and also brothers by tradition n Badminton sport.

Recently Datuk Lee Chong Wei publicly apologized because he only managed to win Silver in London Olympic 2012. It was a very touching moment for all malaysian, what a very humble way of world class athlete. Here is the respond from Malaysia, “nothing to apologies , you did great”. Winning Gold medal is indeed his and Malaysia dream, but winning Silver is more than enough to be grateful. To watch his apology on utube, just go here Datuk Lee Chong Wei apology.

Datuk Lee Chong Wei is always World no.1 in Malaysian heart, he is a legend and a true example of working hard really equals to success. Many young badminton players are encouraged by him, soon or later there will be more talented badminton players will emerged in Malaysia.

Congratulation for his achievement, but most importantly BIG Thank You for his contribution to our county. Our support and prayers will always be with you Datuk


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