Optical Illusions is a Mind Games

Which one do you trust, Your eyes or your brain? Of course you believe both of them. But there are some occasions that they clash each other by giving different meaning. We call this phenomenon as Optical Illusion, a very interesting facts that we interoperate it as one of greatest masterpiece of art.

When two or more things intertwine with each other, they create or form other different object where we see other object in the same place. There is your mind game happen in the form of Optic Illusions. Begin your mind game right now by looking at the picture below;

Optical Illusion Mind Games Begin!!

1. Man Face and Woman Standing

What you see above is a man face, but what in there is actually a women standing in a room. She is holding something and looking at it.

 2. Woman and Little Boy Praying

This picture is a little bit confusing to you, you have to look on it side way at left side. The optical Illusions are the two person which are woman and little boy, the real objects are the still lake and the solid mountain rock. The lake intertwine with the rock on a certain horizon and reflecting mirage to form the second fake image.

 3. Beautiful Young Lady Portrait

I love this image, very simple and very easy to experience its beauty. A loveable young lady, fine art and worth of acknowledgement. The image is created by two different things which are flowers and a butterfly (acting as nose).

 4. Woman face in the air

Look carefully in the middle of the pic, you will see a face of young woman. the image is created by trees and two birds (acting as nose). Some time Optical Illusions is created or formed naturally, it just needs some awareness to get them appear.

 5. Woman face of many faces

This Optical Illusion is amongst the best and hard to create, it requires certain expertise to recognize and combine the pattern. A woman Face is created out of 20 other faces, very interesting and practical things to do. You may consider to make one for your face, good luck fellow. 

Thank you for reading, and i appreciate your comments below..


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