Trained and loved dog, how loyal is your dog?

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Train your dog properly and your dog become an asset to your life, it is true that dog is the most loyal animal in the earth. Dog has the best sense and ability among all animal, the best pet to be trained.

Military department trains and uses dog in their service, they trained dog to help them in investigation and tracking criminal. Trained dog always involved in high risk assignment, like tracking drugs, weapon smuggling, human trafficking and so on. The only animal who risk itself in serving people

Dog knows its owner, and dog is more than willing to sacrifice its life for the sake of its owner. There are many ways to train dog, you don't have to be a dog trainee to be the best master for your dog. All it takes is simple but pure love, serving your dog like part of your family will sure make your dog loyal.

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This is a story of dog who loved its master so much, the dog is called “Captain” by its master. This is real story, when the master died Captain serves its master by guarding the grave everyday. The dog even slept beside its owner grave, just want to stay and protect its master to the fullest. The relatives of the master tried to take the dog stay with them, but Captain just silently go back to the graveyard to stay beside its owner. For more story about it, you can read here

Another great story is a dog gave its life to save its master. It happened when its master under the alcoholic influence tried to commit suicide at the train railway. The dog tried to save the master by pulling him away from the railway, puling its master little by little really saved his life. The master was saved by the dog loyalty and kindness, but the dog lives had to be in its master place. There was not enough time for the dog to save its master and run from the danger, the dog only manage to saved its master and being hit by the train. Such an amazing story, you can read more here

Dog has its own pride and principle, loved and trained dog will never betray its owner. This kind of dog is always ready to serve its owner, good dog will never be lazy even for a moment. Dog's pride is to be able to serve and protect its master, dog loves to be in service to its master no matter what condition.

Dog knows when its time to die come, when its time come you will never find your dog anymore. Normally a day before its time come, loyal dog will spend its time staying in house the whole day. This dog just want to spend its last moment with its master, that is dog's way to give thanks and last respect to its owner before dying. This loyal dog will silently take off during midnight, and go to somewhere where it believe no one will find and rest in peace forever. Trained and loved dog hates to see its master sad because of itself, all this dog thinks is to be in service for the master.


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