Malaysia biggest 2013 CNY Celebration with PSY Gangnam Style

Malaysia government is making something new in 2013, in conjunction of its celebration Chinese New Year 2013 they invited the most sensational Korea K-Pop Star PSY in Penang. PSY performed his no.1 youtube most viewed Gangnam Style to more than 20 thousand people in Penang. It is one good experience for Penang people watching PSY in person doing live performance of Gangnam Style. With more than 1 billion views in youtube, PSY Gangnam Style is a real new wave in music industry today.

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1st time in Malaysia to having Korean K-Pop performing for Chinese New Year Celebration. It was an initiative by Malaysian government to give the best in celebrating Chinese New Year. All the best to Malaysia in this Celebration, may God bless and open more opportunities for Malaysia in the future. Penang people already tasted their luck in this year, the entrance fee are free to all public who want to watch PSY Gangnam Style in Penang 2013.

There are few rumours that BN@ Malaysian Government use public money to pay PSY to perform Gangnam Style in Penang. But according to NST.COM.MY there is no public money involved as below:
“Yesterday, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak clarified that the performance by Psy at the 1Malaysia Chinese New Year Open House did not involve any public money. He also said the public was not charged a fee to watch the artiste who popularised the 'Gangnam Style' dance moves.”source taken from:

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Never the less, we are not talking about politics here. The thing we will address is Malaysian in Penang are very grateful this year. With so much of sacrifices and hard work in 2012, we wish the Chinese New Year will be the opening for the big reward in 2013. Malaysian Chinese deserves the best in Malaysia, they are equal to all Bumies in every aspects especially on their right.

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Once again Happy Chinese New Year 2013 to all chinese people in Malaysia, we wish you all wealth, longevity, and bright future ahead. Let us unite together to make a better Malaysia, God bless all Chinese and other races in Malaysia.


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