Happy Kaamatan Day to all Kadazan Dusun Tribes in Borneo Sabah!!

"Kotobian Tadau Tagazo Do Kaamatan!!"

In the midst of every year, Borneo holds the most important eve that has been carried from generations which is Kaamatan Day. This event helds on every 30 - 31 of May every year.

One of a must do during this eve is Unduk Ngadau Crown, where all the beautiful female of Kadazan Dusun tribes compete to be the Unduk Ngadau. The most beautiful and charming will be the winner, and receive the Unduk Ngadau title for one year before the next Kaamatan Day together with magnificent gifts.

This year is no exceptions, once again all the Kadazan Dusun beauty came forth claiming to be the best. There is no way to deny their beauty, all are winner actually but there must be a winner in every race. A fine woman stand above than the rest to become the winner, and this woman is none other than Bo Tiza A. Disimon originally from Penampang.

Kaamatan Unduk Ngadau 2011 Winner
Bo Tiza A. Disimon of Penampang

And the runner ups are;

1st Runner Up;
Jovenea Jim Lajim From Tamparuli

2nd Runner Up;
Caroline Anthony from Tuaran

CONGRATULATION to all of them, some said that they are beautiful. But they are not just beautiful, they are also brilliant and educated.  They are some runner ups, you may refer to the summary as below;

Unduk Ngadau 2011 Winner : Bo Tiza Arthur S. Disimon from Penampang district
1st Runner Up : Jovenea Jim Lajim from Tamparuli district
2nd Runner Up : Caroline Anthony from Tuaran district
3rd Runner Up : Sophie Angela Kutam from Ranau district
4th Place : Rachel M. Alliun from Kota Kinabalu capital
5th Place : Alvera Raymond Kisil from Sandakan district
6th Place : Adeline Joyce Masidah from Likas district

There are seven contestants all together, which in my opinion they represent the seven wonders of world. Anyway, the number 7 is actually the most common numbers that represent good value and fortune in Kadazan Dusun tribes. Last but not least, it is good that Borneo or Sabah people did not forget this Kaamatan Day. Especially to Kadazan Dusun tribes in Borneo.


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