I like to take this opportunity to greet A VERY BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all JUN’11 babies. Life is great and anyone should appreciate this one chance life. May all JUN’11 babies have a great life ahead, some time life gets hard but as we journey the views become great.

As below are some of friends name that I know whose birthday is in this month, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU ALL: should you have some missing name list, please inform me immediately so I can put their name in the list below:

1.    Eyie
2.    Alan
3.    Amrin
4.    Martinah
5.    Hanly
6.    Vic
7.    Esz
8.    Fetty
9.    Suziella
10.    Anizah
11.    Raizani
12.    Lyssa
13.    Kamal
14.    AK.Huzaireen
15.    QuIqu
16.    Ija Faizah
17.    Koren
18.    Laila
19.    Haze
20.    Irene
21.    Senisah
22.    Jasvee
23.    Jaeysnee
24.    Welas

JUN’11 babies are special because they are free-thinking and intelligent. Majority of them are quick, clever, impulsive, restless, changeable and highly intellectual. They crave novelty and variety, and grow bored easily.

Here are some bundle of very interesting info about their character and traits:
June 1
You are optimistic, bright, and cheerful. No one can make you believe that any venture in which you are interested can fail, and your disappointment is very heavy when setbacks do overtake you. You are fond of good movies, like to stay at home, and derive your greatest enjoyment from your private life.
June 2
You are impulsive and have an intuitive rather than analytical mind. You possess considerable literary ability and could write successfully if you trained your mind and developed your talent. You care a great deal for your home and would make whatever personal sacrifice necessary to further the happiness of your loved ones. You put up with a lot of dysfunction.
June 3
You possess originality, independence, and a fair amount of ambition. Your love of comfort and ease, however, curb your ambition and prevent your from attaining that degree of success of which you are capable. You give in at times to your moods and spells of depression. Your love is strong, but you get hurt easily.
June 4
You are bright, humorous, and excessively optimistic. You are sure everything will turn out right, even though, when you do take the trouble to look ahead, you can see nothing but trouble or disaster. You are able to do things well and thoroughly, and generally work with enthusiasm. You have many good friends and will have the devoted love of a mate.
June 5
You love with depth, hate with bitterness, play with abandon, and work with zeal. You are apt to make decisions quickly and to act upon your decisions with equal quickness. While you are usually kindhearted and considerate, you will say very sharp things under provocation.
June 6
You can be forceful, energetic, and compelling, a clearheaded thinker and shrewd reasoner. Most of your enterprises are successful unless your judgment yields to some outside influence. Empathetic and very loving, you devote a great deal of your time and energy to making your home and fashions more interesting.
June 7
You are impulsive and quick to see a point but rather easily discouraged if those around you are too superficial. You are loyal to your friends, anxious to help those in distress, sympathetic, and sensitive. You are a devoted lover and suffer deeply if love is not returned to you with equal strength.
June 8
You are quite shrewd. Do not allow it to lead you into manipulating situations. You are also stubborn at times, and you yield ungracefully. You are also honest and ambitious, fond of reading and travel, and good at meeting people and making friendships.
June 9
You are determined and concentrated in your work, and patient in working out details. You have a seeking, active mind and much ability to carry out ideas. Your disposition is sweet and lovable, and you are very popular in your own circle. You like socializing and are a good host.
June 10
Temper your adventurous spirit by cautiousness, or problems will tend to overtake you. You are inclined to try to overcome difficulties by sheer, misdirected force, where tact, diplomacy, and cleverness would accomplish more. You can be led much better than you can be driven. Your love for another is deep and strong.
June 11
Intellectual, you are a great reader and a good conversationalist. You have good judgment and never act hastily or rashly. You form friendships readily and care a great deal for people. You have considerable pride, are careful of appearances, and will be happy in your home.
June 12
You have a very affectionate nature; you will be happily married or in a long-term partnership and perfectly contented in your home life. You are a seeker of culture and refinement as a quality in your friendships. You are greatly admired and quite popular, especially as an accomplished adult.
June 13
You are impulsive, energetic, and slightly combative, depending more upon your intuition than on your linear judgment. You make a good friend and a bad enemy. Your love is fervent and demonstrative, and you will not be happy unless you receive love and support in the same measure.
June 14
You are generous, kindhearted, capable and reliable. You have a dynamic, active mind and possess considerable tact and diplomacy. You are very fortunate in finding compatible friends and will never make a real enemy. You are generally bright and cheerful and need lots of attention.
June 15
You are serious, intellectual, quick-witted, and diligent. You are very fond of reading and possess considerable critical ability. You have many friends, love your home ties, and are pure-minded and sincere. You could be happily mated.
June 16
You are inclined to be changeable and restless, although you will apply yourself to the task before you, no matter how annoying. You base your actions more on inward desire than on outward influence. You are affectionate but will not fall in love at first sight. You are cautious and like to have your own way.
June 17
You have a basically happy and optimistic disposition, even though you get anxious at times. You are artistic, idealistic, and sometimes impractical. You are sympathetic, loving, and very fond of your hobbies and collections. You love planning your vacations and are eager to learn and improve your mind.
June 18
You need more self-confidence. You have ability, but your diffidence often causes you to step aside for those with inferior qualifications. Your pleasing manner wins many friends for you, and all who know you hold you in the highest esteem. Your love is devoted, and you will probably select a mate who is masterful at what he or she does and has a compelling personality.
June 19
You are sensitive, sympathetic, and loving. While you have very strong convictions, you will sometimes yield to others rather than take a positive stand on your own behalf. You are very affectionate, although you do not have many intimate relationships. You will not be happy if you go through life alone, as a soul-mate partnership will bring out the best in you.
June 20
You have executive ability, originality, and mechanical skill. You think deeply, are close mouthed in regard to your deep, dark secrets, are always willing to lend a helping hand, and take a great deal of interest in situations outside of your regular routine. You have many friends and are a lover of home and family.
June 21
You have a natural gift for mechanics, which demonstrates itself in your occupation and hobbies. You are sweet tempered, kindly, and generous, slow to anger and quick to forgive. You enjoy bright, witty friends and are fully capable of taking care of yourself in a battle of wits. You probably will marry young.
June 22
You will be a loyal friend, a fond parent, and a loving mate. You are sensitive and retiring, interested in the beautiful, a great reader, and an interesting conversationalist. You love to travel and enjoy outdoor sports and yoga a great deal.
June 23
You enter upon new projects with vim and determination but often will tire of them quickly and want to change. You are excellent at planning but poor at executing. You are fond of pleasure—fine dining, wine, sex, parties—and sometimes let it interfere with your business. You are, at the same time, loving and kind. You will have a very special mate.
June 24
You are determined, persevering, somewhat opinionated, and rather prone to putting and seeing yourself in a bad light. You need to cultivate cautiousness in action and speech. You have a remarkable ability to secure and hold long-lasting love and friendship.
June 25
You are lighthearted and happy-go-lucky, and when you get into trouble or experience a setback, your friends always help you out. You are inclined to rush into tricky situations without due consideration. You are charitable and tolerant in your judgment, and care strongly.
June 26
You have a brilliant mind; you love to read and to associate with intellectual people. You have a sophisticated sense of humor and your friends look to you for good company. You will have an unusually satisfying love life.
June 27
You are kind, loving, tender, and true. You are very demonstrative in your love for your mate, rendering a devotion that causes your friends to look upon your home life as model and ideal. Your aims are high, and you generally succeed in their attainment. Don’t be so hard on yourself.
June 28
You are changeable and easily influenced by your friends, who are not always the best influence. But you are a steadfast friend, one of the self-sacrificing, helpful kind. Your love flows in deep channels, and while you may be changeable in some things, in friendships you are loyal.
June 29
You are a forceful, determined, and realistic, and you possess sound judgment. You are not so very talkative, unless the subject is one you are passionate about. Your passions are deep-seated, and your anger is rather explosive when you give in to it. You will never be quite happy unless you have someone upon whom you can lavish your affection.
June 30
You are remarkably adept at making art. You are self-reliant, eccentric, and absolutely indifferent to the opinions of others, at times displaying an independence that is challenging to your friends. You have great capability for acquiring knowledge and possess the rare ability of imparting it to others. You have a very compassionate nature.

JUN'11 babies are so cute and special, GOD bless you all and have a wonderful life. Fill your life with as many as magnificent experience.


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