Happy fathers’ day (19th of Jun), some thought and quotes about fathers

Praise the LORD and bless all fathers in the world, once again we have this special moment to be happy. A moment for happy thought and happy days is finally today, for today is the World Fathers’ Day. Save today’s date as today is Sunday 19.06.2011 which is a Fathers’ Day. A very special day to all fathers, first of all I got some happy quotes special for today Happy Fathers’ Day.


He didn't tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it.  ~Clarence Budington Kelland

One father is more than a hundred Schoolemasters.  ~George Herbert, Outlandish Proverbs, 1640

Dad, your guiding hand on my shoulder will remain with me forever.  ~Author Unknown

Love is unique and beautiful, it raises our spirit and give light in darkness. This special video will show how, people cry and laugh for love. And today is all about Fathers’ love, I make it more special by showing you this very short video. A love of Father is not only to family, but also special love to mother.

Let us celebrate today with huge word of HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all Fathers. A world celebration, we are in Malaysia Sabah Kota Kinabalu are no exceptional to raise Happy Fathers’ Day Flag.

Last but not least, congratulation to all good fathers and keep up your good job. Protect your family with all you heart, and your family will do the same thing to you. We are unable to repay for all what you’ve done, but our prayer to you is always and forever. You deserve this day as a special day, Happy 2011 Fathers Day.


Pamela Moore said...

"God gave me the greatest gift I ever had,
i call it dad."

Thanks for sharing these wonderful fathers day post. From miles away, my warmest fathers day greetings to all wonderful dad around the world. You rock!

Cheers xxxxx

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Meowchies Hideout said...

You've got nice collection of fathers day messages! :)

Cuttysark said...

Nice collection of Fathers Day Quotes , thanks for sharing.

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