The no.1 result of Funniest in Malaysia (Keputusan Juara Maharaja Lawak Astro 2011). Brought to you by Astro.

This article post is a little bit late, what it doesn’t matter as long as we bring to you the real story. Just recently Malaysia Astro made Malaysian people amazed with its advance TV Reality Joke Competition Maharaja Lawak 2011. It was the very first season for this Maharaja Lawak after the Raja Lawak Show being aired, the standards and quality are definitely more higher than Raja Lawak itself.

Maharaja Lawak is a battlefield or place for all Finalists and Winner of Raja Lawak from season one to season five. They are all champion and fighting for new level of challenges in their carrier. The Judges for this grand Maharaja Lawak are Mamat Khalid, Ahmad Idham, and Saiful Apek. Their decision will contribute 50% of Maharaja Lawak result. While the remaining result of 50% were taken from all audience SMS text votes.

It has to be a winner in every competition, thus the winner of Maharaja Lawak 2011 is Team Sepah. They are very simple in all jokes, but they manage to bring their jokes to the heart of audience using their own creativity and uniqueness. Please have some time to watch their action below and give some comments (if you don’t mind), the Final Maharaja Lawak at Stadium Malawati (Gelangang akhir Maharaja Lawak Stadium Malawati)
 1st Place
 A short reviews for the winner, Sepah team members are Mamat, Shuib, and Jep. They won cash prize RM350,000.00 with winner trophy.
 2nd Place
Second place was Team Jozan, its team member are Johan and Zizan. They won cash prize RM250,000.00 with second place trophy.

 3rd Place
Third place was Nabil (winner of Raja Lawak Season 2), the solo joker which was predicted to be the strongest threat to other team. He won RM150,000.00 with third place trophy.

4th Place
While the forth place was Team Jambu, they won RM50,000.00 and trophy. Nothing much expected from this team, they are great team actually but not at the level of favorite.

Some of the disqualified contestants to the final were Alex, Man, Wai, Jihan, Amir, Team Balas, Team R2, and Team XN3. They are all great people, it's just not their time at the moment.

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