All Nations gather in Anak Negeri Gathering / Perjumpaan Anak Negeri at KDCA Penampang

Anak Negeri is a special term for all local people in Sabah / Borneo (The Land Below the Wind). Every year Sabahan people will have its National Anak Negeri Gathering where all nations become one.

As recently, National Anak Negeri Gathering was held in KDCA Penampang Kota Kinabalu. There were music of praise and worship dedicated to Malaysian Nation for God, people are rejoicing and blowing triumphant declaring the Year of Jubilee

The meeting was organized in collaboration by all churches under one name Lord Jesus Christ. The main purpose of the gathering is to raise awareness to unite, to claim our right, and to be independent and free in every ways and aspects. Some of hot issues on the gathering are the freedom of religion (Allah & Bible) issues, Oaths Stones Sabah, Sabah 20 Points Agreement, and so on.

During the gathering, people from all clans become one as Malaysian people. All are unite under 1 Flag (Malaysian Flag), looking for mutual agreement and benefits by praying and then efforts. People are praying for Malaysia, for better Government and Honest politics. There were no differences between Local(all Sabah Bumiputeras), Chinese, Indian, and others, for we are one as Malaysian. That is the real Jubilee, where every things go back to the proper management, people are enjoying the greatest moment.

Under the management of church, this year gathering is very special because it is The Year of Jubilee. The Gathering in KDCA on last 23 July 2012 was the last mini gathering, it is a preparation for the biggest National Anak Negeri Gathering which will be held in National Likas Stadium on 16 September 2012.

Its gonna be fun and hilarious!! There will be songs and music of celebration on that day. It is a declaration of freedom and blessings from Heaven to all, no more slavery and fruitless because The Moment of Glory is fixed. This is the very first time such an amazing gathering to be held in Sabah/Borneo.

All are welcome for the year 2012 final and biggest ever National Anak Negeri Gathering, below are the details of up-coming gathering:

Venue: Likas Stadium
Date: 16 September 2012 (Sunday)
Time: 4:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Fee: Free (All are welcome to join)

Spread the love and enjoy The Malaysia Year of Jubilee..


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