The Biggest Seminar in Kota Kinabalu conducted by Uob Kay Hian Investment

Just after half year of its acquisition of Innosabah Securities, UOB Kayhian is helding its 1st largest seminar in Kota Kinabalu. The preferred venue is also the new big hotel Ming Garden located just opposite with KK Times Square.

The topic of seminar covers both Malaysia and Singapore market in general, like how these two big markets work and what are the essential contributors to the economic development. It will be good information for its potential clients, especially when it comes to decision making in making investment on their portfolio.

There were two speakers specialized in economic research, both of them have vast and years of experience in market development. They are Vincent Khoo the Head of Research for Malaysian UOBKay Hian and Terence Khi the Analyst of Singaporean UOB Kay Hian. The UOB Kay Hian team will provide supports both Fundamental and Technical analyst to all its clients.

This is an opportunity to all potential investors and traders in Kota Kinabalu Sabah, because now they have an option to trade globally via licensed and authorised Broker House by Bank Negara Malaysia. There are so many unregistered and scam companies out there, so protection and the right Broker became vital issues before starting to trade.

UOB Kay Hian provides both Securities and Derivatives products, where shares and futures and options are available for local and foreign market. For big capital investors they might looking to buy shares in Securities, for big leverage investors they have more option to buy and sell Futures and Options in Derivatives.

Anyway, i'm not an expert so I leave those investing and trading part to those experts. The point here is just to highlight the best part of Biggest Investing Seminar in Kota Kinabalu held by UOB Kay Hian. For more information about Malaysia UOB Kay Hian please go to their website 


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