Good news, Union Pacific Limited Scam is now Exposed!!

Today post is about my fatal mistake in my trading journey, I lost couple of thousands to the well organized FOREX scammer Union PacificLimited (UPL). For those of you who are very new to FOREX world, please listen carefully and learn from my mistake.  

I read an advice before from my FOREX book reading about never let other people manage your money, but somehow I broke the advice due to greedy and impatient.

In this opportunity I will do my best to warn and help other from being cheated by this very well organized FOREX scam company. This is how they operated to find victims, they will arrange someone to be their middle person. This person will spread good news to surrounding (targeted new scam victims), most of the victims knew nothing of very little about FOREX and their company. They prefer to target executive old people who have lot of money, the other advantage of these people is they have strong power to influence other (especially the younger generation).

In the beginning they will show you a proper trading result and consistence profit, taken from my case the average profit is between USD 150 – USD 250 per every trade. The trading pattern is twice a week with average of +USD 300 profit, the profit can reach up to +USD 1,200 just in a month. Just imagine if you let them trade your money for a year, your potential profit will be up to +USD 14,400. That is a way huge of money right.

However this is where they trap you and crush all your dreams, they do not care about you anymore like you never exist at all. In the beginning they will hold any withdrawal order that you excised, you will be in waiting period for the money to withdraw. During that time, they will sabotage you by manipulating the platform software. You will see a trade has been made on the screen, but actually it was a fake to make you think they care about your money.

After you fell for that, they make things like you loss the money slowly until you reach (-) value. They keep entering wrong position and make your account hanging for weeks, during this time you cannot do anything to close or withdraw any of the amounts because everything is under their control.

I already went through the pain experience, so if you read this please stay away from Union Pacific Limited (UPL). I tell you something worse even when you already loss everything, they will ask you to pump in some fund to continue trade. My advice is ignore them, stay away and trade by yourself. I pray that my post will help you to stay away from FOREX fraud.


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