Nicol David can give Malaysia 1 Gold in Olympic

Malaysia for sure could earn and taste Gold medal in Olympic if Squash sport is part of Olympics game. It's because we have World Queen of Squash Nicol David, currently the world no.1 in squash game. The result for malaysia medal count in Olympic could be Gold=1, Silver=1, and Bronze=1. Instead of being no.63 in medal list, Malaysia position could be no.45 (up 18 places from 63). For more information about final result, please read at OVERALL MEDAL COUNT -  (credit to yahoo news)

Malaysia could be in rank 45 instead of 63...
Nicol David holding
the Australian Open trophy

Picture credit to thestar
Just recently Nicol won her second crown for Australian Open, she beat England's champion Laura Massaro in straight three games. The result was Nicol vs Laura (17-15, 11-2, 11-6), an outstanding match by both players. Nicol is currently world no.1, but her rival Laura is a great world class player.

During the interview, Nicol expressed her disappointment because Squash is not part of the Olympic. Taken from yahoo news, she said "I was in London for the Olympics and it was just heartbreaking to watch all the other sports knowing squash isn't part of it,". For more news on Nicol David recent success, please read more on Yahoo News at Squash: David claims second Australian Open crown 

Can you imagine if you were in her place? You are the best and World no.1, but yet you are not acknowledged in World no.1 sport centre Olympic. It will be a heartbreaking as what Nicol is feeling right now. Nicol really wants to help Malaysia to contribute her best in Olympic, but restricted because squash is not part of Olympic.

Despite of everything, we as the whole world cannot deny her achievement. Being so great and remain humble make her even more adorable, the real “one in a million” true star deserve to be an example for younger generations.

Olympic is not everything to acknowledge Nicole David. She is the living Legend for Malaysian, she always be an example to be the best no matter whatsoever. Last but not the least, Big Thank You to Nicol David for everything. Malaysia is really proud of you, our prayers are with you.

Read more about Nicol Ann David at her official website 


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