New Dance Gangnam Style - (Part 1)

My friend asked me “have you seen the Gangnam Style of dance?”, then I was like “WHAT?”. I thought it's weird thing and must be boring. But later on when I check it on youtube, I found that the Gangnam is actually unique and fun. Gangnam is a new way to dance that requires a lot of body movement, very useful way to exercise.

Gangnam Style an International Entertainment


“Gangman Style” is taken from the album PSY6 originally came from Seoul South Korea, the original artis is Yoo Gun-hyung (PSY). Under the genre Hip house, electro house, and k-pop, Gangnam made its debuts globally. Gungnam Style cantches many attentions from Europe media including CBC and CNN. The views on You Tube is now more than 65 million views, and it keep increasing from time to time.

The concept of Gangnam style refer to luxurious lifestyle and latest trend in Korea, you can read more about it here Gungnam Style 

How to dance Gangnam Style

To dance Gangnam you need a group of people, proper arrangement of music, and movement pattern. As simple as that, you are ready to be a Gangnam dancer. Of course you will need a lot of practice to make it beautiful. For that, just find some place to practice.

PSY 'Gangnam Style' Dance Practice Video

Gangnam Sytle is an attraction for youngster

Gangnam style attracts youngester, I think the reason lies on its music. The freshness, agility (full of beats), sensational emotions both fast and slow, dancing pattern, and the creative song. One of the most early youngster fans is The SIX MonsterS. This group came from Malaysia, and what makes them so famous is because they dance like Gangnam Style

Malaysia Gangnam Style by The SIX MonsterS


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