Easy Step to Tune Guitar

Today post is about an Easy Steps to Tune Guitar, fast and reliable result especially to all beginners. There are many ways to tune guitar, but what I am about to show you is the most simple and easy way to Tune Guitar. To tune guitar you must remember these E, A, D, G, B, and E, and you need a Digital Clip Guitar Tuner. There are many variation of Digital Clip Guitar Tuner, the function are all same so just choose whichever you like.

Below is the sample of Digital Clip Guitar Tuner

And this is how to use the Digital Clip Guitar Tuner

After you pluck in the Digital Clip Guitar Tuner, pick each of all the guitar strings one by one starting from no.6. Make sure to look at the Digital Clip Guitar Tuner and adjust the Guitar string until you get the correct sound. Refer to below pic for more easy illustration.

                                                                   E – 6th (thickest)
                                                                   A – 5th
                                                                   D – 4th
                                                                   G – 3rd
                                                                   B – 2nd
                                                                   E – 1st (thinnest)

If reading words is difficult for you to understand, never worry about that and just stay keep in tune. I got a youtube below to show you how to tune your guitar using the most easiest and fastest way.

After all, playing guitar is good and it brings out your artistic potential. If you do not have the Digital Clip Guitar Tuner to begin with, you can download the app of Digital Guitar Tuner. Both android and itune store have it, just look for Digital Guitar Tuner and you will find it.

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