Sukan Saga 2013 Result (Keputusan Rasmi Sukan Saga 2013)

Congratulation to all student and participant of SAGA Tournament (Sukan Saga) Sabah State Level. Just recently Sabah was helding one of the biggest sport event called Sukan Saga, the duration commenced approximately two weeks. There are wide range of sport types introduced during the event, and participated by 25 cities gathered from all around Sabah. It was the 6th of yearly sport competition in Sabah, all the winners in the Sukan Saga will be representing Sabah for a National team. The venue for the competition was held in Likas Stadium (Stadium Likas), and majorities of the candidates were staying at Likas Square Condominium.

With the advantage of home city event, Kota Kinabalu took the advantage to monopolize the competition. It was expected for Kota Kinabalu to send the most largest volume of participant in all categories being held, and as a result Kota Kinabalu won the Sukan Saga with flying colors. Kota Kinabalu earned 60 golds, 38 silvers, and 42 bronzes in the Sukan Saga, it was a huge performance by Kota Kinabalu in this year Sukan Saga. With the total medal of 140, Kota Kinabalu became the winner for the Sukan Saga competition. Kota Kinabalu posses the most advanced coaching and facilities so far, these factors are the key elements for Kota Kinabalu to  win Sukan Saga.

Second place won by Keningau with 25 golds, 24 silvers, and 30 bronzes, total accumulated medal was 79 medals. As a second place Keningau showed a huge fighting spirit during the competition, most of the competition categories are almost neck to neck with the winner Kota Kinabalu. The only reason Kota Kinabalu won the Sukan Saga probably because they monopolize all the Sukan Saga categories. In general aspects, Keningau showed professional and quality sportsmanship spirit in 2013 Sukan Saga.

The third winner and the last team we will comment here is Tawau, Tawau collected 22 golds, 16 silvers, and 24 bronzes to earn the third place in overall. Tawau collected 62 total medals all together, it was a great fight and fair competition shown by Tawau in Sukan Saga. Tawau also displayed good fighting spirit in all categories, Tawau maybe in third place but their quality in Sukan Saga was as good as the other team. They delivered their best, and that is all about in Sukan Saga. Sukan Saga is all about giving your best shot.

For the rest of the teams, good job and be happy because you all are winners in real life. Winning golds are not the points, the points in Sukan Saga is achieving your goal and dream by giving all your best. Sukan Saga is all about putting serious efforts and teamwork value, that's all matter in real life. Saying that, BIG congratulation to all participants and big applause for all your hard works.


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