Husband and wife arguing of what to eat for dinner

Have you heard of Husband and Wife are arguing of dinner? Well, it sounds so simple and silly to believe. But it does really happen everywhere, their problems are caused by many factors like too much or too little to eat. Believe it or not, below are some great conversation of how true it is. Enjoy your reading:

Pic Credit to: teluguone

Situation (In the car): Brooom Brooom!!

Husband: Hey.. Where should we go for dinner?
Wife: Up to you

Husband: Lets have chicken rice, i am carving it
Wife: We always go there, aren't you sick of it

Husband: How about the New Steakhouse, what do you think?
Wife: Steak for dinner? Its too fattening

Husband: Lets eat at the Cafe then, just order what you like
Wife: I wouldn't know what to order (huh!)

Husband: Porridge?
Wife: Too expensive, and its not that good

Husband: Instant Noodle?
Wife: Too little, and i don't like it

Husband: Fish noodle, up the road?
Wife: The vendor is not clean

Husband: BBQ..!!?
Wife: Your hair will stink! Don’t you know?!?! Use your brain

Husband: OK.. Lets go to the food center then
Wife: Its now 9pm, there wouldn't be anything left! Idiot!

Husband: ..... (Push the break paddle - BRAAKEEEE!!)
Wife: Why do you stop the car?!?!

Husband: So where SHOULD we go for dinner
Wife: I already said, UP TO YOU!

Husband: !!@@##$$%%

Below are the illustration in cartoon form, i'm sure you will fell more fun and enjoy reading it in this way:

This is not mere joke, it is real thing happening even in your family. Arguing of dinner actually 1 good thing. It shows concern of Husband towards to his Wife, the Wife actually like it even though they are the one who easily get angry. What important is Husband and Wife should tolerate over Dinner issue, just respect and eat any Dinner.

Love your Husband or Wife, be tolerate to each by doing an early plan. Make your Dinner menu by sequence, that way you will save more time arguing which to go and what to eat. Believe me you stomach will get full even before you eat if you argue too much about food.

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